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Golden Hour Presets Pack for Lightroom PC & Mobile

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Is golden hour your favourite time to shoot? Or do you just love the golden hour look? Enhance your photos with this stunning Lightroom Preset pack of which provides those natural, attractive golden toneswarmth & contrast. With a total of 12presets, enhance your sunset photos or simply apply one of the presets to create a golden hour effect on a cloudy day. This Lightroom Pack also allows you to dull down those overly-empowering sunset, orange tones along with three dedicated presets to fix those neon greens and turns them into beautiful greens.

With this bundle you’ll get:

  • 8 color Lightroom presets for easy golden hour effects.
  • 2 black and white presets
  • Toolkit with 10 helpful adjustments

These presets can be used to process your photos taken during golden hour, or to give other photos a sunny golden hour look.

Presets are compatible with LR Classic 7.3 + higher, LR CC (subscription) and ACR 7 or later (PS CS6 or later) on Mac or PC. The presets work with RAW files, DNG files, and JPG files.

The presets come in 3 different formats: .xmp files can be used in the latest version of Lightroom and LR Classic,  and .dng files that can be installed in the mobile app.

The download file includes instructions for installing Lightroom presets.


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