Find out when is golden hour today

Golden hour calculator

When is golden hour today?

Find out the what time is golden hour today at a glance! Phototime: Golden & Blue Hour Calculator is an ad-free, award-winning photography app. Combining a map module, weather forecast, reminders & notifications, moon phase calculator, tips & tricks.

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Photo time – set up notifications

Set up your notification for 15 minutes or an hour before the golden hour or blue hour and never miss the golden hour again!

Golden hour map

You can use our map with golden and blue hour direction to find out where the sun is going to be when the golden hour comes. This is a perfect feature to anyone who need to be prepared for the photoshoot!

golden hour map

Golden hour photography

The Golden Hour in Photography is a “sacred” period of time shortly after sunrise or before sunset when the light transforms ordinary scenes into extraordinary works of art. It’s a very short period of time so it’s best to plan beforehand and be ready for shooting when the golden light arrives…

Photography App

What is Phototime Golden Hour app all about?

Golden Hour Calculator

Find out what time is golden hour today

AR module

Predict the sun path

Moon and Weather modules

Prepare for the weather or find out about next full moon

golden hour app

Golden hour comes just after sunrise and just before sunset. It can last from 15 minutes to even few hours near the polar zones. For exact times use our Phototime App. You can find out golden hour times for any given location and date!

Use the Phototime app to find out about best times to shoot the moon, next full moon or super moon itp. If you want some new features in the app you can always send us a feature request.

Our app comes with the Augmented Reality (AR) module which helps photographers predict where the sun is exactly going to be during given time. It can be helpful when you’re waiting for the sun to come out behind a building or a mountain.

Phototime: Golden Hour Calculator is the most popular photography app that combines all the necessary functions for chasing the golden hour light.

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